Sound 8-band Equalizer with compressor, low noise preamp,  Echo effect processor and Noise Gate to transceiver "EQ V.6"



EQ V.6  - this is an updated version  EQ V.5 with 4 difference:


1 - EQ V.6 have additional XLR input jack for Premium dynamic microphone, like Heil PR-781, Shure SM-58, Behringer XM8500 etc.
2 -  EQ V.6 have Noise Gate with shutdown.
3 -  EQ V.6 have Mic Gain amplifier with increased range +4db (Because Dynamic Mic have low sensitive).
4 - And Price +15$


Technical data:


 Microphone low noise amplifier with input and output level pots.

Echo processor with regulation of delay.

Slanted front panel for more comfortable operation with it.

 Voice 8 band Equalizer with pots on 80 / 160/ 250 / 500 / 900 / 1500 / 2500 / 3200 Hz.

Strong steel case - reliable protection against external noises.

Good working with HIGH OUTPUT POWER up to 2kWt.

Working UP DOWN control of the radio by Mic's knobs.

Has add mic input MINI-JACK for easy use of computer typeface, HEIL Headsets etc.

Has add mic input XLR jack for Dynamic Studio microphones

 Overload level led

Noise Gate funtion with shutdown

 Compressor ratio pot

Dimensions 180mmx100mmx75mm (with knobs)

 Weight - 0.68 kg

 Length of a power cord with 8 pin connector is 50 cm

Knobs color can be change.

XLR jack can be without Push-key.


         Pinouts: We can make device pinouts for any transceiver model (but if you need RJ-45, RJ-11 jack - can be connected only via adapter 8 pole to Modular plug). Descriptions please you model when you pay or email


       Shipping: We ship Worldwide from the Ukraine by Airmail with tracking number (that can be easily tracked through the Internet).


       Lead time: We sent this device with 3-5 business days (special order may be more).


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Price 145$ + Shipping 30$

After payment inform (for which  transceiver you need pinouts) on email or click HERE


For EQ V.6 you can buy Dust Cover:

Made of special dense fabric with a soft texture inside. So that your EQ is protected from dust and always looks great. A beautiful emblem with the UR6QW logo will perfectly decorate any shack.

Price 20$ + Shipping 15$ (or free when sent in one package with the device).


Some practical setup (with EQ V.5) you can see on my Friend site - Gordon AD5GG

Audio record K5BLS (EQ V.5 Icom IC-7300 Heil Goldline mic)


If You need other model/configuration write via feedback