Analog S/P - meter


with big scale and retro yellow backlight.





Now we have 4 version this beautiful analog S/P - meter.


Is version for Icom IC-7100, Icom IC-9700, Icom IC-7300 and IC-7610.


Device have difference soft, be carefully with your choice!


Just connect device via cable 3.5 mm to transceiver REMOTE input and connect power to S/P-meter 12-16V DC.


DC cable and 3.5mm (male to male) cable included.




Transceiver setup CI-V


In order for the S-meter to work correctly, it is necessary to set the correct CI-V settings in the transceiver.


Open Menu/Connectors/CI-V and set:


IC-7100: Baud Rate - 19200; CI-V Address - 88h, CI-V Transceive - ON.


IC-7300: Baud Rate - 19200; CI-V Address - 94h, CI-V Transceive - ON.


IC-9700: Baud Rate - 19200; CI-V Address - A2h, CI-V Transceive - ON.


IC-7610: Baud Rate - 19200; CI-V Address - 98h, CI-V Transceive - ON.




See video with the detail:




Price with shipping 179 $


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