Sound 5-band Equalizer with compressor and low noise preamp to transceiver V.1

5-band EQ with a compressor and an adjustable microphone amplifier is made a very litlle plate (  mm) with trimmer 

     At the bottom of the housing rubber feet.

     This device works with any type of ICOM, KENWOOD,  YAESU, TEN-TEC and other radios. It is capable of changing the standard signal of your transceiver. With this small device, you can get a sound similar to the sound of the resulting 5 big expensive mixer boards. Why? Because it is designed specifically for ham radio and signal bandwidth of 3-4 kHz.

      For an example, see the frequency response of the two signals on the transceiver ICOM-756pro  

(  Blue color - without EQ and with HM-36 tangent, Green colour without EQ with Electret mike,  Purple colour - with EQ and Electret mike)

Circuit board devices are so small that you can install the unit in the transceiver housing or tangent. The next photo shows the comparative sizes:

The next photo shows the mounting schematic:

The next photo shows the mounting schematic:

Technical data:

Weight 15g

Dimensions 50x40x10mm

Supply voltage 8-16V DC

Current consumption 8mA

Frequency EQ 80/250/550/1200/3000 Hz

Compression level with led

Microphone amplifier level  0+20dB

Adjustable output level.


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