Sound 8-band Equalizer with compressor, low noise preamp,  Echo effect processor and Noise Gate to transceiver V.5

Technical data:

 Microphone low noise amplifier with input and output level pots.

Echo processor with regulation of delay.

Slanted front panel for more comfortable operation with it.

 Voice 8 band Equalizer with pots on 80 / 160/ 250 / 500 / 900 / 1500 / 2500 / 3200 Hz.

Strong steel case - reliable protection against external noises.

Good working with HIGH OUTPUT POWER up to 2kWt.

Working UP DOWN control of the radio by Mic's knobs.

Has add mic input MINI-JACK for easy use of computer typeface, HEIL microphones and etc.

 Overload level led

 Compressor ratio pot

Dimensions 180mmx100mmx75mm (with knobs)

 Weight - 0.68 kg

 Length of a power cord with 8 pin connector is 30 cm (optional, IC7300 - 50cm)

Knobs color can be change.


         Pinouts: We can make device pinouts for any transceiver model (RJ-45, 8pole, 4pole and other). Descriptions please you model when you pay or email


       Shipping: We ship Worldwide from the Ukraine by Airmail with tracking number (that can be easily tracked through the Internet).


       Lead time: We sent this device with 3-5 business days (special order may be more).


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Price 130$ + Shipping 30$

After payment inform (for which  transceiver you need pinouts) on email or click HERE


For EQ V.5 you can buy Dust Cover:



    Made of special dense fabric with a soft texture inside. So that your EQ is protected from dust and always looks great. A beautiful emblem with the UR6QW logo will perfectly decorate any shack.

Price 20$ + Shipping 15$ (or free when sent in one package with the device).


Some practical setup you can see on my Friend site - Gordon AD5GG

Audio record K5BLS (EQ V.5 Icom IC-7300 Heil Goldline mic)

Video reviewer in Spanish EA4GYR


If You need other model/configuration write via feedback