Echo Processor with Low noise Microphone Amplifier Board

The device represents a board the sizes 35x30x10mm. The small sizes allow to set a board directly in the casing of a hand mike. A basis is PT2399 chip. It is ATsP/TsAP with sampling rate 44K. Delay period minimum - 30ms, maximum - 350ms. Also on an input of the device there is a microphone amplifier on low-noise NE5532. Works with electret and dynamic microphones without alterations of the diagram.

   Technical data:

    Microphone low noise amplifier with function echo

    Delay period minimum - 30ms

    Delay period maximum - 350ms

    Microphone level pot

    Supply voltage 8 - 15V

   Size 30 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm

   Weight - 9g


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