EQ V.3

5 Band sound Equalizer - Compressor

Low noise Mic preamp


5-band EQ with a compressor and an adjustable microphone amplifier is made in a metal casing factory manufacturing painted in matte black color, all the inscriptions made in white silk screen printing method (not deleted).

At the bottom of the housing rubber feet.

This device works with any type of ICOM, KENWOOD, (some) YAESU radios with 8 pin microphone connector (and other custom-made). It is capable of changing the standard signal of your transceiver. With this small black box, you can get a sound similar to the sound of the resulting 5 big expensive mixer boards. Why? Because it is designed specifically for ham radio and signal bandwidth of 3-4 kHz.

This unit is similar to the "MFJ-299", "MFJ-625" and "Icom SM-10", but it has advantages.

First - because the "MFJ-299", "MFJ-625" and "Icom SM-10" does not have a frequency of 80Hz and get it nice bass impossible. For an example, see the frequency response of the two signals on the transceiver ICOM-7800

 Purple colour - with EQ,  Blue color - without EQ :



     The second - in the equalizer no extra wires, it does not need external power supply, power is taken from the microphone jack your transceiver (current consumption of only 8 mA).


    And thirdly - the front panel mounted is 3.5 mm jack for a headset type "Heil ProSet" and any other Headsets. Now you do not need additional adapters that connect to your favorite headsed.

Technical data:

Weight 0.375kg

Length of cable 30cm

Dimensions 110x85x60mm (with knobs)
Supply voltage 8-16V DC

Current consumption 8mA

Frequency EQ 80/250/550/1200/3000 Hz

Compression level with led

Microphone amplifier level  0+20dB

Adjustable output level.

Knobs color can be change.


         Pinouts: We can make device pinouts for any transceiver model (RJ-45, 8pole, 4pole and other). Descriptions please you model when you pay or email



Shipping information


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Price with shipping 105 $

After payment inform (for which  transceiver you need pinouts) on email or click HERE

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